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Aquarium Reactors, Pellet, Ozone reactor, Acrylic sumps uk, Media, GFO, Carbon, Weir Boxes and Custom builds

Atomic reactors Are proud to offer a large selection of hand crafted Aquarium Reactors and Acrylic sumps to the trade and public. All of our Aquarium Reactors have been computer designed using the latest 3D rendering techniques using simulated real flow software to ensure the best possible running of your Aquarium Reactor. All our products are made from High grade acrylic Tube and acrylic disks. Our top seals are made from 100% ozone safe VITON, our hose barbs are all made from safe UPVC plastic to ensure a lifetime of smooth running. We make and supply Ozone Reactor, Phosphate Reactors, Bio Pellet Reactors and Carbon Reactors. We are now happy to offer custom built Aquarium Weir boxes.

Custom Aquarium Reactors Acrylic Manufacturing

Not only do we sell our standard Aquarium reactors but we also make custom acrylic parts for your freshwater or reef tank. From your own design we can make Dosing containers, Frag racks, Custom filter sock holders, Acrylic shelving, and Large scale reactors and custom Weir Boxes. We have recently made a 5ft tall pellet reactor for a client that holds a massive 25 Liters of bio pellets. We supply custom built reactors to the hobbyist, Fish shops and public aquariums. No job is too big or small. For a quote on your custom Fish tank equipment please contact us today.