388 Mini Acrylic cube sump

//388 Mini Acrylic cube sump

388 Mini Acrylic cube sump


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Two section Acrylic aquarium sump
L 38 cm H 36 cm W 38cm
Approx 20 litres
Skimmer section
Single 4″ filter sock holder
Boil box
Return section
Probe holders
Adjustable Weir
RO water reservoir
Lids on two sections
Custom options available

Available in a wide range of colours

Out of stock


The Mini 388 Cube Acrylic aquarium sump range has been specifically designed to minimise particles in your aquarium. Featuring a boil box section to reduce bubbles. The Acrylic sump holds one Four inch filter sock. The boil box section features a splash cover stopping bubbles and foam from leaking into your aquarium stand. This model features two sections.

The first section is for placing your protein skimmer and can accommodate most small-sized skimmers complete with an adjustable baffle.

The second section is reserved for your return pump

The third section is the RO water top up reservoir.

This sump is available in a large range of colours.

Lead time on this model is 7 days.