Atomic Algae Reactor – Greenie Grower

Atomic Algae Reactor – Greenie Grower



  • Height: 400mm
  • Column Diameter: 100mm
  • Base Diameter: 140mm
  • Tank Size: 0-500 LT
  • Pump Required: 1000lph
  • Inlet Hose: 12mm
  • Outlet Hose: 12mm
  • Capacity 3.15Lt
  • Power consumption 16W




Algae Reactor

The Atomic Greenie Grower is a algae reactor designed to reduce Nitrates and organic waste in marine aquariums. With the use of Cheato Algae, the unit will quickly grow “greenies” that will absorb all the nitrates that your tank can belch out. No one likes a nitrate belching tank so let the Atomic Greenie grower do the hard work for you.