Mini 100 Media Reactor


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The Atomic Reactor Mini 100 has been developed to be the most highly controlled media reactor on the market. The unit has two flow adjustments, The first being the built in pump with a range from 400-1000 litres per hour, and the second is the top flow tap on the side of the reactor which will go from 1-1000 Litres per hour. This is a well engineered bit of kit precision machined and built by hand and not mass produced.

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It is a small self contained media reactor designed to be used in a sump. The pump is located on the bottom of the reactor which pumps water through the diffuser plate, through the chosen media and returns into the sump under the water line for whisper quiet operation. The reactor can be used with or without filter pads depending on what media you are using. Suitable for both fresh water and marine applications.
The reactor has been designed so both the top and bottom can be removed for easy cleaning and filling.
Please note that this reactor must be used in a sump.
Suitable For:
• Rowaphos or other phosphate removers.
• Nutrifix or other Bio Pellets.
• RowaCarbon or other activated carbon.
• Biological sand as a fluidised bed sand filter.
Maximum sizes: 190mm x 12mm x 520mm, including pump stand and lid.
Reaction tube: internal diameter 90mm.
Reaction tube: total length 330mm.
Reaction tube total volume: 2 litres.
Reaction tube useable volume: 1.5 litres.
Supplied complete with 1000 litre per hour water pump.
240 volt, 50Hz, 14 watts.

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Dimensions 47 × 36 × 16 cm