Ozone Reactor 600-2000 LT

Ozone Reactor 600-2000 LT


Ozone reactor suitable for tanks up to 2000 Litres. This ozone reactor works by mixing Ozone gas with your aquarium water via a Venturi gas mixer. The ozone gas is absorbed in the reaction chamber and slowed down by Bio Balls for maximum contact time. This reactor also features a built in carbon section to remove harmful excess O3 gas. All our ozone reactors are made with ozone resistant plastics.

  • Tank Size: up to 2000 lt Marine
  • Pump Required: 2500-3000lph
  • Air Pump Required: 2.5-8.5 Litres per min
  • Inlet Hose: 12 mm
  • Outlet Hose: 19 mm


  • Height: 500 mm
  • Column Diameter: 150 mm
  • Base Diameter: 180 mm


Ozone reactor

Tank Size:  up to 2000 lt Marine
Pump Required:  2500-3000 lph
Air Pump Required: 2.5-8.5  Liters per min
Inlet Hose: 12mm
Outlet Hose: 19mm


Height: 500mm
Column Diameter: 150mm
Base Diameter: 180mm


Ozone or O3 gas is highly toxic and can kill your fish and is harmful to humans in high volumes. As a result of this all our Ozone reactors feature a carbon filter to eliminate the toxic residues ozone can cause. NO ozone reactor should ever be run without carbon on the exiting pipe. This is why skimmers make poor ozone reactors. We always recommend that you use your ozone generator via a dedicated ozone controller maintaining 300-450MVH